The Promise and Uncertainty of Graduation

The Promise and Uncertainty of Graduation, Students in high school and at the post-secondary levels have been participating in customs and celebrations over the past few weeks to mark the conclusion of this phase of their education. Despite being customary, these celebrations are obviously not taken for granted in light of the interference with them over the previous two years. However, the celebrations of the actual and symbolic transition from one stage of life to another were warmly received by the graduating class of 2022.

It can bring uncertainty and promise, as with any transition. Some graduating students, whether from high school, college, or a university, will know exactly what their future holds and how they want to get there. They may already be certain of the next educational step or the kind of work they will pursue.

Others may be prepared to start pursuing family-related objectives. Others’ futures are less certain because they may still be choosing their courses or job paths. The latter of them was very much my scenario after finishing high school and post-secondary education because it took some time for me to realize who I was before choosing my own career route.

The external uncertainties that every graduating class encounters are added to these internal uncertainties. The class of 2022 has already demonstrated extraordinary endurance to reach graduation despite having experienced hardship or uncertainty.

But each graduating class moves into a new environment that is unknown in and of itself. The world of 2022 is characterized by shifting labor markets, global conflicts, and social and political upheaval, all of which are common situations to be entering.

Nevertheless, opportunity and promise are also present for this year’s grads because of challenges. The graduating class of 2022 is one of the most technologically advanced groups of young people to have ever graduated from high school, college, or university.

They also exhibit resilience. They join a workforce that has undergone significant adaptation over the last two years, with some businesses moving nearly totally to flexible and remote employment. As many seasoned workers have opted to retire early or pursue other chances rather than going back to their prior employer, there is also a substantial demand in many occupations.

Every graduating class deals with problems that are particular to the era they are graduating from. However, as they embark on a new phase of their lives, this class, like those before them, has good cause to be positive. They will be able to overcome the obstacles ahead thanks to the academic and life skills they have developed to reach their current level of accomplishment.

In unison, Manitoba honors the class of 2022 graduates. Each of you should be pleased with your achievements, aware of the difficulties ahead, and confident in your capacity to overcome them. Best wishes to the Class of 2022!

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