Update Firefox 106 Not Only Brings More Color


With the release of Firefox 106, Mozilla has patched at least six security flaws. New features include new color worlds and editing tools for PDFs.

Firefox 106.0 and Firefox ESR 102.4 have both been made available by Mozilla. The majority of the problems and vulnerabilities have been resolved by the developers. Basic PDF document editing features are added to Firefox. Synchronized tabs are accessible using Firefox View. Also included in the package are new color schemes.

At least six security flaws are fixed in Firefox 106, with two of them being classified as high risk by Mozilla. One of these is a flaw in the Javascript engine, known as V8, which is the Javascript engine used by Chrome/Chromium. This flaw was sharply disclosed by Google’s V8 security team.

Internally discovered vulnerabilities are only briefly and anonymously listed by Mozilla. According to Mozilla, one or two of these might be used to inject and execute code. Firefox vulnerabilities have not yet been the target of any attacks.

updates to Firefox 106
You may annotate PDF files using Firefox 106, and you can change the text color and font size. Additionally, you can squiggle around a picture or mark a section of text with free-hand lines. The color, line width, and opacity can all be changed. After that, you can save the modified document.


An additional button in the top left corner, which you can also deactivate or move to another location, opens Firefox View, another recent innovation. Access to recently closed tabs and synced tabs on other devices are both made available via Firefox View. Additionally, it promotes new color schemes that Mozilla is providing (as it previously did) for a certain period. Six color schemes, each with three variations, make up the so-called color schemes, which are referred to as “Independent Voices.” They will be accessible until January 17, 2023, when version 109 of Firefox will be released. As long as the color scheme you’ve chosen is active, it follows you.

The code for WebRTC support has also been a top priority for Firefox developers. This ought to greatly enhance compatibility with web services that make use of the WebRTC protocol (such as for video conferencing). For instance, screen sharing with speaking partners ought to function better now. Until now, this has frequently failed, as shown with Google Meet or Jitsi Meet.

Chrome ESR
Version 102.4.0 of Firefox ESR includes a security update as well. At least four holes that were also filled in Firefox 106 have been filled in by the developers in this version. The aforementioned flaw in the Javascript engine is one of them. Memory issues that were found internally could be used to run inserted programs.

Mozilla intends to release Firefox 107 and Firefox ESR 102.5 on November 15 and Firefox 108 and Firefox ESR 102.6 on December 13 respectively.

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