The Cost of Dualsense Edge is about 240 Euros


Only twice as pricey as the Playstation 5, according to Sony, which also provided the release date for the Dualsense Edge.

At Gamescom 2022, Playstation unveiled the Dualsense Edge wireless controller; now, further details are available. The high-end gaming-focused input device is scheduled to go on sale globally on January 26, 2023, for about 240 Euros. That costs a little over half of what a Playstation 5 costs, which is 550 Euros.

The cost of the interchangeable stick modules is about 25 euros. That just raises the initial cost of the goods: You won’t need to purchase a new gamepad since the modules are designed to replace analog sticks that are damaged or worn out.

Starting on October 25, 2022, pre-orders for the Dualsense Edge and the stick modules will be accepted on Sony’s official Playstation Store. Despite the expensive cost, those who want the controller should most likely take advantage of this choice. In any event, Microsoft’s Elite controllers for the Xbox were out of stock for months; the Dualsense Edge should have a similar situation.

many analog sticks available
The controller is expected to include several additional functionality in addition to those found on the gamepad that came with the consoles. For instance, depending on your requirements, you can employ several analog stick models. A stronger upward curvature and an inward curvature are available in addition to the normal variant.

The Dualsense Edge has two pedals on the back. This was offered on the Dualshock 4 of the Playstation 4 with the separately sold clip-on rear button attachment, but it is now integrated with two clip-on button variants on the new controller.

A protective cover, a braided USB cord, and the various buttons and caps are included with the controller. Sony gave no details regarding the Edge’s battery life, but it is likely the same as the Dualsense’s.

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