Google Inside: A new processor created by Intel and Google


Google Inside: A new processor created by Intel and Google gives data centers greater power

With the Tensor SoC, Google entered the chip development business, but it had previously made several unsuccessful attempts with side projects. They created the E2000 with Intel, which will largely be utilized in data centers or the cloud. Although the chip is said to offer some benefits, Google won’t be the only company using it.

The chip that Google and Intel created together is not a CPU for quick computations. Instead, the “Mount Evans” product might be thought of as an organizer that organizes tasks, takes over routine procedures, sends them to the processors, and is intended to offer additional security. The item is made for huge data centers, where the CPUs need to be relieved and where it also ultimately offers additional power.

However, the chip is a cloud instance control unit that links individual users to their present cores and is meant to provide absolute data separation. Although it may not sound interesting, this should be huge assistance in daily data center operations. Google won’t be the only user of the technology, even though the businesses jointly developed it. Most likely, they merely wanted to guarantee that Intel advances properly and completely meets the requirements of Google’s data centers.

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