Enhanced Apple TV 4K with A15 and HDR10+


Apple has added HDR10+ compatibility and a new processor to its Apple TV 4K set-top box. Additionally, the Siri remote has been improved.

The new entry-level iPad, the iPhone 14, and the iPhone 14 Plus all have Apple’s A15 CPU, which was introduced in the Apple TV 4K last year.

According to rumors, the new chip will speed up the Apple TV 4K, which should result in more fluid gameplay, particularly in games. Additionally, HDR10+ is now supported by the box.

You can choose between purchasing the new Apple TV 4K with 64 GB and WLAN compatibility or a model with extra Gigabit Ethernet and 128 GB of storage, if you want. The thread mesh networking protocol is only supported by the more expensive set-top box. Additionally updated, the Siri Remote now features a USB-C charging connector. Apple has also given up on the Lightning connector in this instance. The remote can be purchased separately as an add-on.

You can order the Apple TV 4K right now, and it should arrive on November 4, 2022. For 169 euros, a model comes with 64 GB of storage and WLAN; for 189 euros, a model comes with 128 GB of storage and added Gigabit Ethernet. As a result, the new versions are a little less expensive than the old Apple TV 4K.

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