Curious iPhone Bug: This Is Why You Should Activate Flight Mode In Roller Coasters


Currently, more and more Apple users are reporting a curious bug with their devices. The new accident detection feature of the iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch models sounds an alarm even in harmless situations, such as a roller coaster ride.

Apple’s new emergency call feature is praised by many. CHIP has also already tested this function. And it can also be quite helpful, as a case from Nebraska, USA, shows, where an accident happens without any witnesses who could call for help. There, a car crashed into a tree and the iPhone alerted the local police.

The emergency call system, which is activated by default, is triggered by the acceleration and braking forces that occur in a car accident. Initially, the iPhone displays a warning message that says, “It appears you are involved in an accident.” If the warning is not deactivated within ten seconds, the emergency call is sent.

However, as the Wall Street Journal reports, quite curious emergency calls do occur. Since the new iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch models react to an impact or a heavy crash, the feature can also be triggered by harmless roller coaster rides.

Apple iPhone 14: Emergency call on the roller coaster

At the Six Flags Great America amusement park in Illinois, Marcus Nguyen was taking a ride on the Joker, a twisting roller coaster. As the ride ended, he heard the alarm on his iPhone 14 Pro. He was still strapped in and was able to get to his smartphone just quickly enough to turn off the 10-second countdown to the alarm. Apple had interpreted the roller coaster’s rapid descent as an accident.

“A lot of parks advertise acceleration, but they don’t say you’re going to go from 65 mph to 0 at the end of the rides,” said John Stevenson, who has ridden more than 280 different roller coasters and is the founder of the roller coaster and amusement park website Coaster101. He explained that if the cars slowed down, they could brake rather abruptly.

Therefore, it is recommended to disable the function for the duration of the ride or put the devices in flight mode. Many theme parks advise their visitors not to take cell phones on a roller coaster ride anyway. However, not because of the new iPhone feature, but because they could fly off during the ride due to the enormous acceleration forces and injure other visitors.

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