Most Demand and the Best Offer Professions

Which professions are in the most demand and offer the best prospects for employment?

This year, thousands of students must once again choose which field of study to pursue. The availability of jobs is among the most crucial considerations.

The 2022 selective has already started. Thousands of students are currently prepared to pass each test required in order to accrue enough points to study for the desired university degree when combined with the average baccalaureate grade. But on a lot of situations, that is the issue. What do I study?

When making this choice, there are numerous things to consider, including the student’s likes and tastes as well as the professions with the highest employment prospects. with greater opportunities for employment after the courses are through. The research from Spring Professional, the consulting company for the Adecco Group, is a fantastic way to identify which degrees offer the greatest career chances.

Administration of businesses and computer science
Because of its adaptability and ease of integration into a wide range of industries, Business Administration and Management (ADE) is the degree with the highest employability, according to this survey. If we concentrate on the job offers that specify a university degree, the percentage increases to 10.7% from the original 4.5% of those offers (growing by more than 3 percentage points year-on-year).

The degree with the most career potential is computer engineering, which is currently in second place and has risen from fourth place the year before: This degree is required for 2.9% of job openings (6.8% of those that are only for college students). Industrial Engineering, which continues to hold the third-place position in autonomous territories like the Basque Country, is followed by degrees in computer science (1.9% and 4.6% of advertised job offers).

Careers in health
On the other hand, particularly as a result of the COVID pandemic, careers in the healthcare industry have seen a significant increase in job prospects. The fastest rising degree, according to the research, is in nursing, whereas job opportunities for scientific fields have decreased by almost half.

ADE, Nursing, Medicine, Biomedicine, Industrial Engineering, Labor Sciences, RRLL, HR, Law, Computer Engineering, Business, Marketing, Education, Pedagogy, Mechanical Engineering, Agri-Food and Rural Environment Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Telecommunications Engineering, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Industry, are the professions with the most job opportunities for students of the 2022 selectivity, according to the Noticias Trabajo portal.

It is vital to understand how to distinguish between a better career chance and a large wage in every scenario. In this instance, the sector with one of the highest wages is Telecommunications, per the Randstad Research Salary Trends Report 2022. Only 2.7% of Spanish workers are employed there, yet after several years on the job, salaries can approach 100,000 euros.


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