How to make money while on vacation.

With the vacation that you are currently doing, you can make capital to open new business opportunities.

Vacationing or traveling seems to have become a mandatory agenda for everyone. After running activities every day, a vacation is a powerful way to relieve fatigue.

Unfortunately, this activity sometimes makes people regret it, especially if the expenses exceed the itinerary or travel plan that has been made. So that your vacation doesn’t make your wallet dry, here’s how to keep it fun!

1. Open a Custody Service

Indonesia is a country rich in culture, each region has unique characteristics that you should have on every trip. But unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunity, so you can make Custody Service souvenirs as your opportunity.

Promote your services on social media, then showcase MSME merchandise typical of the area you are visiting such as bags, fabrics, accessories, and culinary. By taking a profit of Rp5,000-20,000 thousand / item, the profit you get is already quite large. If you don’t want to bother carrying the merchandise back home, you can set aside some of the profit to pay for expedition services.

2. Create Content

Digital technology brings us convenience. Believe it or not, your traveling hobby can also make you money. Currently, many social media provide monetization to creators. You will be paid just for uploading content to social media. Capture each of your vacation trips, edit a little to make it more beautiful, then share it on your social media.

On the other hand, indirectly you have helped the Indonesian tourism sector, and MSMEs in the region and of course, it will bring you coffers of money. Don’t forget to provide interesting info in your content such as info on hidden gems, cheap vacation tips, and others to make it more informative and bring engagement.

3. Sell Photo Work to Photography Platforms

This one business opportunity is the same as uploading photos on your social media, the difference is that the purpose and purpose here is that you can share photos to the realm of a more professional photography platform. You can put your shots on photography platforms like Shutterstock. If anyone is interested in your photos, your photos will be paid for using dollars.

4. Impromptu Photographer Services

If you bring a camera on vacation, you can become an impromptu photographer. Hm… What the heck is that, for a while have you suddenly been photographed while at a tourist spot or car-free day? Well, that can be considered an impromptu photographer service. But no need to just snap, you can offer your services directly to visitors.

The sophistication of today’s technology makes transferring data from a camera to a cellphone easier. Now is the time to utilize your camera, poke visitors in front of the tourist door, and offer your photo services. From this service, visitors will feel they have a personal photographer and the photo results are more satisfying.

5. Make an Open Trip

With the vacation that you are currently doing, you can make capital to open new business opportunities. Do some research, and ask local tourism officers and MSMEs how much it costs to bring a group of tourists. From here you can calculate the estimated costs incurred when you open an open trip business.

The open trip business is fairly profitable because many young people like to travel using open trip services. So the results of the research you did during this vacation will be the next agenda. Your vacation costs will be borne by the trip participants you bring later.

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