What exactly is Ethereum and how can I buy it?

Who isn’t aware of Ethereum (for Cryptocurrency players)? But, are you aware that Ethereum isn’t a cryptocurrency?

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform for software for developers to develop applications that make use of Blockchain technology.

Who created Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin.
Vitalik Buterin.

Within the Ethereum platform, there’s a cryptocurrency known as Ether which is used to activate the application that is built on the Ethereum network.

Like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) is an uncentralized system. It isn’t any person or business that is able to manage Ethereum.

The central system has been in use since the earliest times. But, history has proved that sooner or later that anything centralized can be destroyed if it’s not maintained properly.

In contrast, something distributed will remain an auto-piloted road without a leader. The program is run on computers that utilize the program worldwide, which means the application won’t be unavailable. Some secret information such as the number of KTP and home address and even name are stored on every computer.

How can you tell the differences between Bitcoin as well as Ethereum?

Ethereum Bitcoin and Bitcoin are nearly identical in the context of cryptocurrency, like being blockchain technology that is decentralized and uses blockchain. However, in actuality, both have distinct objectives.

Bitcoin can be used as an online payment method

Ethereum is designed to allow users to create an application that is decentralized on Ethereum. Ethereum network.

Bitcoin mining requires a huge amount of computing power and it is important to keep in mind that the cost of electricity is much higher in Indonesia as compared to China as well as Russia. Yet, Ethereum uses a proof-of-work algorithm for mining that is distributed by every mining. In essence, integrating Ethereum is much more simple than Bitcoin.

Who invented the Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin is a person who has the idea for Ethereum. He composed an article on the concept to be a genius. The paper was also sent out to some of his friends, and his friends distributed it to numerous people. Remember, when creating articles on Ethereum, Varalik likes ideas regarding Bitcoin and is active on his own Bitcoin forum. He also received a fee for writing about Bitcoin. A total of 30 people wrote an email to Vitalik to discuss Bitcoin’s concept.

The Ethereum project was revealed to the general public on January 1, 2014, and the core team comprised Vitalik Buterin Anthony of Lorio, Charles Hoskinson, Gavin Wood, Mihai Alise, and Joe Lubin. Vitalik also presented Ethereum Ethereum at the Bitcoin conference in Miami. The concept was embraced by a large number of people. In the following months, the team conducted a crowdsales and raised funds for Ethereum for further development.

What exactly is Ethereum cryptocurrency?

we learn more deeply. Ethereum is a platform for software (software) that aims to make the internet decentralized as well as decentralized applications. However, the system has also developed a ‘currency’ that will operate the software. The ‘currency’ is Ether.

Ether is a cryptocurrency that doesn’t require third-party companies to handle payments. It doesn’t just function as a digital currency, but also acts as a fuel source for decentralized applications on the network. If a user wants to alter or make changes to the application, they need to pay for Ethereum to accept these changes. Ethereum network to take these changes into consideration.

Smart Contract.

The project that was created with Ethereum will definitely use Smart Contract. A smart contract is an electronic agreement that’s similar to the contract you signed in the notary. For instance, if a party wishes to pay the rent for a house on the 10th of October to Party B. On the day the Ethereum network transfers the money to B. This is a simple illustration.

If you’re an expert in programming, Smart Contract can be considered as an if-then-statement. In plain English in the event that this happens you must perform it.

A smart contract is a way to sign the contract in the near future. A smart contract is a way to make a future agreement. Smart Contract, you no require a notary public or lawyer. Smart Contract is executed directly by computers has very minor mistakes can be made. Yet, Smart Contracts are written by humans. If there’s a flaw in the writing process, the execution could be affected.


Some time ago, Ethereum was well known for the Initial Public Offering (ICO). The majority of ICO use an Ethereum network, which is moreover Bitcoin or another Altcoin. Today, several altcoins such as Wave, Stellar, Tron, and EOS are planning to launch ICO using their own coin network.

Newcomers will continue to utilize the Ethereum network as their network is reliable. Ethereum network makes it simpler for firms to establish an independent business. If you go through the WhitePaper an ICO is listed, they will be writing with ERC-20 tokens. That means the ICO is utilizing Ethereum. Ethereum network.

Why should you use to use the Ethereum network? In the past it was Ethereum was Ethereum network was considered to be the sole Crypto that could create an application decentralized. In addition, Ethereum is faster and less expensive as compared to Bitcoin and Litecoin.

A far crypto from perfect

Ethereum isn’t perfect as they’re still being sabotaged by the “baby”. The Ethereum project was only four years old. It is possible to compare 1GB MMC (memory card) extremely expensive, ranging from 1 to 2 million. However, today it is much more affordable. Much like Ethereum or, in fact, the entire Cryptocurrency as well as Blockchain technologies.

Many people are still “groping” the latest technology, and it’s certain that it will eventually become common similar to a phone.

Parity Wallet Freeze-wallet parity is an error and could have nearly $ 28 million worth of Ethereum frozen. Ethereum here is not lost but is not utilized.

Dao Hack – A hacker took ETH due to the program’s code. The hacker was able to steal $55 million worth of ETH to a wallet for personal use.

How to buy Ethereum in Indonesia

You can buy Ethereum in TokoCrypto, Luno, or Indodax. My personal experience suggests that Indodax remains to be the most reliable exchange crypto store in Indonesia. The cost is less expensive and it is more reliable. The other one isn’t as attractive, however with Indodax, it is possible to buy additional altcoins similar to Tokenomy.


It is clear that the future for the cryptocurrency Ethereum network is not looking good. The proof is in the price, which of ETH dropped by 80% in the year 2018. The Ethereum team attempted to address issues like scalability, but with not much progress.

Will ETH disappear out of its Crypto market? There is no way to know however, the future will be the determining factor.

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