Ten High-paying Positions That Hardly Nobody Wants


The average gross yearly wage in Spain, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), is 25,165.51 euros. However, there are some low-stress positions with higher-than-average pay that might be the answer to your difficulties. To perform these, one needs qualities like endurance, physical skill, boldness, or even only the stomach. Would you genuinely be eager to jump at one of these career opportunities?

The foundation of this occupation, often known as a thanatopractor, is embalming corpses. The deceased’s viscera must be removed, then chemical preservation agents must be applied. They are in charge of setting up, fixing, and dressing the corpses for the wake with makeup or seams. The pay for this challenging work ranges from 1,700 to 2,000 euros, and there is little unemployment in the industry.

Garbage hauler
These are the people who gather recyclables and waste. Most people entering the workforce do not choose this type of career. However, their pay in Spain is between 24,000 and 30,000 euros for 35 hours per week, depending on the city.

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Pest controller
Typically, a fumigator or pest controller is exposed to chemicals that are harmful to people in general. They are tasked with eliminating fleas, pigeons, snake nests, and insect nests made up of cockroaches, rats, bees, and wasps. Although it is not a very difficult work if you have practice and discipline, his remuneration is roughly 30,000 euros gross per year.

Poultry sexer
You serve the exact purpose implied by your name: to classify or identify hens according to their sex. The ability to distinguish between male and female chicks correctly is a skill that is in very low demand for this employment. In addition to patience, focus, and the ability to tolerate the potent agricultural scents, it typically takes three years of training to be able to recognize them in just four seconds. A chicken sexer can make up to 4,000 euros in nations like the United Kingdom, however Spain pays less.

Technical writer
Writing manuals, guides, or instructions for using products, machinery, tools, or software is part of this work, as is writing manuals for industrial safety. It demands focus and some technical writing expertise, which can be a nightmare for the most creative people. However, with remuneration of up to 50,000 euros per year, this position is exceptionally well compensated and in high demand.

Positions in the shipbuilding sector
Some vocations entail spending extended periods at sea, away from home, friends, and, in general, the daily grind on land. This price is typically very high. According to the website “Tu Salario,” machinists who work in navigation may expect to make between 1,540 and 11,679 euros a month. This amount is between €1,918 and €8,073 a month with a 40-hour work week after five years of service.

Animal slaughter
Cattle, pigs, and fowl are slaughtered in slaughterhouses and abattoirs where this is done. Despite the fact that many people consume animal flesh on a regular basis, it is a job that is not very appealing to many. As it involves dealing with blood, noise, infections, and foul odors, there is minimal demand. Despite the fact that their salary has decreased over the past few years, it is still much more than the average wage for all other occupations.

Oil plant employee
Oil extraction on land or at sea involves a lot of drive and has specific criteria. These include the physical stamina required to handle heavy equipment, good general health, self-control, and the capacity to adhere to stringent safety regulations. This employment is one of the least sought-after due to the demanding working conditions and lengthy 12-hour shifts.

Controller of air traffic
Due to the great demand for air traffic controllers, there is little demand for this position. You must be mentally agile, have flawless vision, be able to tolerate tension, and be able to operate under pressure in order to accomplish this job. You need to enroll in a specialized training to become an air traffic controller, which could be very expensive. The payoff for this, however, ranges from 33,550 to 80,381 euros gross each year.

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