Scoop – Q 6 e-tron RS: Performance on the Ring


Audi is actively preparing the launch of its new electric SUV, the Audi Q 6 e-tron, which will exist in two variants, the Audi Q 6 e-tron and the Audi Q 6 e-tron Sportback. In the family of this model, there will be a very powerful version, the Audi Q 6 e-tron RS, which continues its development tests on the Nürburgring.

The next generation of Audi Q5 will be called Audi Q6 and will be 100% electric. For a while the Q5 and Q6 should coexist before the combustion model disappears in Europe. The future Q 6 e-tron (Audi Q 6 e-tron and Audi Q 6 e-tron Sportback) are still moving very camouflaged, as the launch of these models has been delayed a bit and they will be available only in spring 2023. Later will arrive a very powerful version taking back the name RS, it is it that was surprised on the Nürburgring circuit.

This Audi Q 6 e-tron RS model should have a power of 600 hp thanks to the installation of two electromotors (one on each axle) in order to have a power transmission on the four wheels. This model will benefit from the new PPE platform resulting from the partnership between Audi and Porsche (it is the one that will equip the future Porsche Macan EV). A base that has a technology 800 V to enjoy a very fast charge. This vehicle will also use high-capacity batteries to display a good autonomy, we speak of 800 km.

While the camouflage hides the shapes of this new model, there is a good chance that the style of the Audi Q 6 e-tron is close to that of the concept car presented at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021 and which was simply called Audi Concept Shanghai. It should also, like the latter, measure 4.87 m long. Finally, compared to the “normal” Q 6 e-tron, the RS version will have a different, more aggressive front end and more sporty aerodynamic elements.

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