New Features To Customize Facebook Feed


The Facebook feed can soon be better personalized and content that you would like to see more or less of can be marked accordingly.

Facebook has announced a new feature to weigh content in the feed. For this purpose, there will be new buttons called “Show more” “Show less” “See more” or “See less” for posts from friends, groups, and pages as well as for advertisements.

By pressing these new buttons, the ranking score for the corresponding post and similar posts should be increased or decreased. According to Facebook, the buttons will soon be found via the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of a post. The system will also be tested in Reels.

Additionally, Facebook is testing a way for users to control how much content they want to see from friends and family, groups or pages, and public people in their feeds in the future. This can be found in the feed settings alongside already familiar functions to mark people or pages as favorites, “mute” them for a certain time, or unfollow or reconnect people or pages.

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