Microsoft Tests Update Process for 2023 Version of Windows 11


In order to further optimize the Windows 11 update process for the future, Microsoft is delivering a cumulative update without new features to the Dev Channel on a test basis.

Microsoft is to launch a test of an improved update process for the 2023 version of Windows 11 soon, as “Winfuture” reports. According to the report, the test update is cumulative update KB5019342, which does not contain any changes to Windows itself, according to a post on the Windows Blog. It is delivered to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. Only the update process is being tested.

Microsoft has promised for Windows 11 that the size of the update packages will be reduced. This optimization should affect the updates of the patch days as well as optional updates and activation packages. The manufacturer has kept this with Windows 11, and the update packages have already shrunk by 40 percent when Windows 11 is released in October 2021. Microsoft now wants to push the update optimization further.

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