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The top job categories for corporations are business intelligence analysts and cybersecurity specialists.

It’s more important than ever to draw in the top personnel as businesses hurry to adopt more digital methods of conducting business.

That’s fantastic news for anyone seeking a job in technology, but it raises difficulties for businesses. Talent will become more important as the market for IT talents continues to grow. For some of the most sought-after positions on the market, businesses struggle to find and keep skilled, high-demand candidates.

There are many fulfilling careers in the IT industry where the right skills can make or break a company. At Experis, we place a strong emphasis on luring the finest and brightest specialist workforce, from hard-to-find talents to expertise that is essentially limitless and can follow the organization wherever it goes.

Here are the top five IT positions that companies are looking to fill.

1. Security specialists
Security risks increase as digital infrastructure becomes more commonplace in business. There are plenty of job prospects for cyber security professionals, from network specialists to business continuity experts.
The growth rate for cybersecurity jobs in the US is a startling 31% annually. Experts in cloud security who know how to create a safe and scalable digital infrastructure are particularly in demand.

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2. Administrators
The most sought-after IT careers will continue to be all administrative positions. Companies will require a competent individual to manage the backend operations as they expand their online offerings of services and activities.
The most sought-after skill sets are those of database and network administrators, but more specialized roles are starting to emerge. A developing specialty in the IT industry, cloud systems administration has evolved over the previous two years.

3. Infrastructure architects
For operations and data security, having a modern infrastructure is essential, but businesses are aware that the term “modern” encompasses more than just a working Internet connection in the workplace.
By 2021, the worldwide public cloud infrastructure market will increase by an astounding 35 percent. Many businesses are rushing to fill their ranks with cloud architects and other infrastructure specialists.

4. Developers
The IT industry has traditionally relied on developers, and they will do so in the future. In reality, IT-related sectors have experienced consistent growth.
Some of the most sought-after IT positions will be held by software developers, DevOps engineers, and experts in cloud design and automation.

5. Data scientists and business intelligence
Over the past ten years, data science roles have expanded quickly, yet they continue to rank among the hardest jobs to fill. Given how quickly the sector is changing, they frequently need specialized skill sets that are difficult to come by.
The most in-demand data science experts in the industry are business intelligence analysts. As more businesses use data, they require sharp professionals who can help them make smart data-driven decisions.

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