Former ATR Minister Sofyan Djalil Appointed as Fintech Advisor, Here Are His Duties

Former Minister of ATR/Head of BPN Sofyan Djalil has been appointed as an advisor to Indonesia’s first Fintech-as-a-Services (FaaS) company, Digiasia Bios. Sofyan is believed to be able to strengthen the company’s capabilities to serve and provide financial literacy for the people of Indonesia.

President Director of PT Digi Asia Bios Hermansjah Haryono revealed Sofyan’s appointment because he had served in various positions and fields, such as communication, informatics, and Indonesia’s economy and national development.

“We believe that he can make a major contribution in supporting Digiasia Bios as a FaaS company in Indonesia,” he said in his statement, Saturday (6/25/2022).

Previously Digiasia Bios had appointed Rudiantara, who is the former Minister of Communication and Information as an advisor and commissioner. He explained that these insightful and experienced figures are believed to also encourage the company’s capacity to support equal distribution of literacy about financial digitalization in Indonesia, so that understanding and interest in society at all levels can grow.

“We are sure that with Mr. Sofyan joining, in the future there will be more innovations, developments, and interesting collaborations that we can do, together with our partners and potential partners. We will maximize this progress to continue providing fintech services and solutions with a much higher standard than before,” he explained.

Sofyan Djalil expressed his confidence in the great potential of the company’s solid vision and mission as well as the services and technology presented by the DAB Group.

The financial inclusion index in 2021 reached 83.6% which there was an increase from the previous year.

“I hope that my experience will support DAB’s role in contributing to the improvement and progress of financial inclusion in Indonesia,” said Sofyan.

Until now, the four business affiliates owned by Digiasia Bios such as KasPro (Digital Payment), KreditPro (P2P Lending), RemitPro (Remittances/remittances), and DigiBos (Digital Financial Services (LKD)) also continue to present a number of technological advances and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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