Don’t care about cookies: Avast buys up cookie tool and annoys users

The American company behind brands such as Norton, Avast, and Avira has bought up the popular cookie tool “I don’t care about cookies”. With this move, however, users react angrily.

In August 2021, the American company Nortonlifelock announced that they bought the German company Avira. Thus, Nortonlifelock includes the brands Norton, AVG, Avast, and Avira. Now there is the next addition in the form of the browser extension I don’t care about cookies.

With this add-on, the prompt to accept all cookies are automatically executed. As of now, the free tool is part of the Avast product family. As an alternative, the add-on Consent-O-Matic can be used, for example.

Users are not very enthusiastic about Avast.

Initial users are reacting anything but enthusiastically on Reddit and are skeptical about the new owner. Some time ago, Avast hit the headlines due to its now-closed subsidiary Jumpshot. Since 2015, Jumpshot had been receiving data feeds from all users of Avast antivirus software in order to perform data analysis.

It was believed that its own tools and resources could be used to collect data more securely than countless other companies, according to Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek. After countless negative reports in the press and from users, Avast closed the subsidiary in January 2020.

In addition to Avast, Avira is also part of Nortonlifelock. In January 2022, the company rolled out a new feature that turns users of its security software into crypto miners. Avira is not alone in this feature, as there has already been a corresponding function in Norton 360 since 2021.

As can be read in the FAQ, Avira Crypto is used to enable the mining of the cryptocurrency Ethereum while the PC is idle. Users have to explicitly enable the feature. It is unclear how high Avira’s participation in the mined coins is. Once the crypto mining function has been activated, it can be paused, but not completely disabled. Only the uninstallation of Avira should help to get rid of Avira Crypto.

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