Car: camping cars, fitted vans The French are passionate about leisure vehicles

Car Camping

makes you live from the inside the leisure vehicles show, in Le Bourget. The passion of the moment of the French.

The sales records are following one another for leisure vehicles, +25% last year, even if it has been slowing down for a few months, not that the demand is less strong, but as for the car industry, the manufacturers are suffering from the semiconductor crisis, and therefore the delivery times can be very long.

It was a real craze because there is a desire for freedom and escape in the purchasing intentions the French. It is also an excellent way to escape health constraints, the Covid crisis has made the market take off.

There is a real trend in this market today, the so-called converted vans. They are smaller than motor homes and easier to park. The idea is to use it every day, to take the kids to school, to go to work, and to go on weekends and vacations. There is also the price of gasoline, these machines consume less, about 20% compared to large motor homes.

The clientele is getting younger and sales for these vans have jumped by 50%.

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