Production I.G’s animated television series BRZRKR has 2 seasons planned.

Production I.G will be directing the previously teased BRZRKR animated series, which was revealed during the “Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR: The Immortal Saga Continues” panel at San Diego Comic-Con International. The staff’s preparations for two seasons were also disclosed by the panel.

The following is how Netflix explains the plot after acquiring the rights to the original comic book series from BOOM! Studios in March 2021:

The 80,000-year battle through the centuries of an immortal warrior is the subject of the brutally epic saga BRZRKR. The man only known as “B” is a half-mortal, half-god who is forced to use violence even at the cost of his sanity. He is cursed. B, though, may have at last found refuge after wandering the globe for ages by joining the U.S. government to fight wars that are too bloody and perilous for anyone else. B will receive the one thing he wants in return: the truth about his never-ending, bloody existence…and how to put an end to it.

The tale would be turned into a feature film by Netflix before being turned into an anime spinoff series. The anime series was also added to Netflix “will examine various aspects of the plot, expanding the BRZRKR universe. Reeves will voice his character and reprise his part in the series.”

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