Biden starts his family’s summer vacation in South Carolina.

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. — To start what is anticipated to be at least a seven-day vacation with his family, President Joe Biden arrived in South Carolina on Wednesday.

According to Federal Aviation Administration advisories, the first pair intended to stay at Kiawah Island through Tuesday. Kiawah Island is known for its exclusive beach and golf resort.

Requests for information on Biden’s vacation plans, activities, or when he would be returning to Washington went unanswered by the White House. According to a White House representative, the president will stay at a friend’s house on the island that the family has previously visited.

First wife Jill Biden accompanied Biden as they rode in a motorcade from the White House to Joint Base Andrews outside of the capital, where Air Force One was waiting to transport them to Joint Base Charleston. Biden was delivered to a private residence in a gated neighborhood next to a golf course on the island.

His son Hunter Biden, daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen, and grandson Beau traveled with Biden on Air Force One.

While Biden is in South Carolina, the House is scheduled to vote on a bill including many of his aims, including the largest investment ever made in the battle against climate change, totaling $369 billion over a ten-year period. The proposal would limit Medicare recipients’ out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs to $2,000 and prolong subsidies from the coronavirus pandemic to help an estimated 13 million Americans afford health insurance.

When asked when Biden would sign the legislation, the White House dodged the question, stating its attention was on making sure the House passed the legislation.

The tumultuous drawdown of American soldiers from Afghanistan, a COVID-19 case surge, and the legislative calendar in Washington all interfered with Biden’s 2021 vacation plans.

Summer vacations are customary for presidents. George W. Bush frequently worked in the scorching August heat on his central Texas ranch clearing vegetation. On Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts, Barack Obama practiced his golf swing. Spending time at his residence on his exclusive golf course in central New Jersey was Donald Trump.

The White House has previously highlighted that the president is never fully free from the duties of his position and that, regardless of his location, he would continue to interact with advisers and receive his daily national security briefing.

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