5 Jobs that Robots Can Not Take The Place



Robots are no longer the stuff of science fiction movies; they are now a regular part of our life. For this reason, some people believe that these automatons represent a promising future for innovation and advancement. However, a few worries have also surfaced. For instance, the potential for the job market’s structure to change as a result of robotics. In other words, that they will deny people of employment. A research conducted in the US found that over half of the jobs carried out by workers might already be completed automatically. Another Australian study forecasts that 73% of jobs would be significantly impacted by artificial intelligence by 2035.

Even while these reports don’t inspire hope, it’s true that there will always be a need for people. Here are five vital occupations with a bright future. Which one are you going to pick?

5 positions that robots cannot take the place


1. Educator

Although robots can complete some things faster and more effectively than humans, it is obvious that they cannot be as involved. This aspect is particularly significant in the sphere of education. For instance, a robot cannot track the development of students or have a career, nor can it be interested in pedagogy. Nothing helps students learn more effectively than a sympathetic or charismatic teacher!

2. A robotics expert and computer scientist

Some individuals believe that robots will be able to solve their own difficulties in the future. To build new robots and advance their abilities, human professionals will still be required.

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3. A doctor

Since health is a valuable resource, it is crucial to protect it. Robots will eventually be able to “heal” themselves, but human medical issues are more complex. There is consequently less space for error. In other words, there will always be a need for physicians and surgeons.

4. A manager of customer service

Who hasn’t dealt with a robot in a cell phone company? It’s true that a lot of robots are already doing customer service nowadays. In the event of a breakdown or conflict, we will need someone to explain robots to us because there are so many of them around us.

5. A manager of human resources

Human resources is a phrase that already forewarns us. Even if robots become more prevalent, there will always be people employed by businesses. Therefore, someone will need to oversee their daily tasks.



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