Crypto Investment: Definition, Methods and Types

Crypto investment is one of the investment instruments which at the beginning of its appearance has resulted in many people of the world ‘adoring’ it. And if you pay attention from the beginning until now, the existing cryptocurrency investments have become easier to do and learn. Then, what about cryptocurrency investment?

What is Cryptocurrency?
Please note, crypto investment is a type of investment that has a high return / high return. And Cryptocurrency itself is a digital currency that is available and can be used in cyberspace only. Crypto investment, especially bitcoin was introduced for the first time by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009.

This digital currency can be used for various buying and selling transactions, including buying games, fashion goods, to buying cars. From there, buying and selling bitcoin on the digital market grew bigger and more popular, until finally, other crypto coins emerged. In addition to bitcoin which is very popular in the digital market, there are several other cryptocurrencies that you should know about. Starting with ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dogecoin, mrai, dashcoin, & many more.

Crypto’s Popularity Among Young People

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency / virtual currency that is protected by cryptography. With this cryptography, the presence of crypto money can hardly be counterfeited like physical money. Its popularity is due to the advantage that online transactions can be used for various countries. By having this digital currency, you can exchange it with other currencies such as Dollars, Yen, Rupiah, and including other currencies.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, online investment has been increasingly coveted by investors from various parts of the world, especially Indonesia. Especially for the millennial generation and generation Z who know that by investing in crypto, the profits can be even greater.

Various crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and other assets make it one of the investment instruments that are in great demand by investors. It can be said, this cryptocurrency investment is starting to make it a promising investment field for the Indonesian homeland. This can be seen in the number of cryptocurrency investors in Indonesia, which currently has overtaken the number of stock investors. With the increasing number of crypto investors, the value of their assets continues to soar every day.

Here are the steps you can follow to start investing and trading cryptocurrencies:

Open a new account against Bitcoin Exchange, / Bitcoin exchange
KYC Verification
Make a deposit (Rupiah & Crypto)
Choose a crypto asset pair
Start order
Make buying and selling transactions
Pay fees/fees based on the number of transactions
Transfer crypto assets to respective wallets
Choose the trading feature if you want to focus on trading with cryptocurrencies.

For those of you who want to learn crypto investing, then you should know some of the crypto assets that exist. To find out more in detail, please refer to the following:


1. Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the first type of cryptocurrency that for its first appearance until now still exists. Bitcoin itself was first introduced in 2009 by a party named Satoshi Nakamoto. Until now, no one knows whether the name of the subject is the name of a person, group, or company.

In 2019, more than 18 million bitcoins were traded with a total market value of around $146 billion. Until now, bitcoin still dominates 68% of the cryptocurrency market.

2. Litecoins
Litecoin is one type of cryptocurrency that was present in the early days of this digital currency. Litecoin was born in 2011 ago as a peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency that produces new blocks (blockchain bearers) at an increasingly faster speed. So, the advantage of Litecoin itself is that it allows investors to make transactions faster without the need for powerful computing.

3. Dogecoin
The crypto asset Dogecoin was first introduced in 2013. As the name implies, the name of this crypto asset makes the Shiba Inu dog its main mascot. Dogecoin includes a value that is much lower than bitcoin. However, a while ago, the price of Dogecoin suddenly soared to over 10 thousand. This situation resulted in this asset being known by many people.

The use of Dogecoin itself is usually used to make small transactions, donate, to give tips.

4. BitcoinCash
BitcoinCash is a crypto asset that was first launched in August 2017 and is currently making it one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies out there. This type was launched because there are several groups of Bitcoin investors who do not like the applicable rules. They then decided to split up and create their own digital currency called BitcoinCash. This group includes claiming that BitcoinCash has some better improvisations on Bitcoin.

5. Feathercoins
Feathercoin is a digital currency that was inaugurated by someone named Peter Bushnell who is an IT expert at Brasenose College, Oxford University in April 2013. This type of cryptocurrency is open source.

Cryptocurrency Investment Benefits

1. High Return
As explained in the first paragraph, crypto investment is one type of investment that has a high return or can be called a high return. The price of cryptocurrency itself is increasing with time. In a matter of months, the value was able to penetrate a new all-time high.

In 2020 the price of bitcoin managed to rise by 354%, this figure resulted in bitcoin successfully beating the returns of other financial assets. With the right strategy, you can buy digital currency cheaply and sell it at a high price like a stock.

2. Fast & Easy
Making transactions with cryptocurrencies can be said to be faster than transactions through conventional banks. An example is by making international bank transfers which can take more than 1 day, but with Bitcoin, the process can be cut from minutes to 1 hour.

3. Transparent
Every member/investor of cryptocurrency can see all transactions that have been made. However, investors/members are still unable to find out who the recorded transactions were carried out by whom because it is only a number without being accompanied by an identity.

4. Worldwide
The whole world has now been able to use cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this cryptocurrency is considered universal because there are no conditions to become a member/investor. Even users do not have to use their real names or include any special information.

5. Safe & Legitimate
In Indonesia, crypto investment has been given legal certainty in the trading process. This of course makes it a safe investment through regulation.

6 Become a Payment Tool for Various Marketplaces
Currently, bitcoin cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment for several digital transactions, although it is not yet comprehensive in many ways. PayPal itself, which is the largest online transaction payment platform in the world, has accepted payments with Bitcoin. Bitcoin can also be used as a means of payment for several international marketplaces such as e-bay and amazon.

And about that, he provides a complete explanation of cryptocurrency online investments, starting with the methods, types, and benefits. Hopefully reading some of the information contained in this article can make you understand how important crypto assets are for the future. Hope it is useful.

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