Good Building Sand Types, for Home Construction Structures!

Building Sand Types, The reason is, that there are various types of good sand with different functions and characteristics, in meeting the needs of home building construction.

And the word sand itself is one of the names of materials for building material needs that have a round shape with super small dimensions, namely: ranging from 0.0625 mm to 2 mm.

In addition, why can sand be formed or created? Perhaps because of the presence of limestone rocks in which there is silicon dioxide content.

Even in the city where your friend is located, you can find sand suppliers or sellers easily and quickly.

The building sand that you can find, could be the type of sand: mountain sand, river, beach, and other sands, with different characteristic shapes (characteristics) and sand colors.

These sands will be difficult to distinguish if you do not know the types of sand, especially the good and best sand that you can use as a material for building a house.

Therefore, in the discussion this time we will review what types of building sand are good for making plaster walls for home building construction.

1. Concrete sand

Concrete sand is the best type of building sand for home construction structures. It is the most commonly used type of sand for concrete and mortar. Concrete sand is a mixture of silica and clay particles that are ground down to make fine sand. It is often used for making cement, brick, tile, and plaster.

2. Aggregate sand

Aggregate sand is the second-best type of building sand for homes. It is a combination of crushed stone and gravel that is mixed together. It is used for making concrete, asphalt, and roadways.

3. Gravel sand

Gravel sand is the third-best type of building sand for homes. It is made of small pebbles and rocks that have been crushed into smaller pieces. It is used for landscaping purposes and gardening.

4. Diatomaceous earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth (or DE) is a natural product that is mined from the shells of diatoms. It is composed of tiny air pockets that trap dirt and debris. It is used for cleaning and filtering water.

5. Clay sand

Clay sand is the fourth-best type of building sand for home construction. It is a mixture of clay and sand that is used for making bricks, tiles, and pottery.

6. Cement sand

Cement sand is the fifth-best type of building sand for home construction. It contains limestone and shale that are ground down to create fine sand. It can be used for making concrete, mortar, and cement.

7. Silica sand

Silica sand is the sixth-best type of building sand for home construction. It comes from quartz and feldspars that are ground down to produce fine sand. It’s used for making glass, ceramics, and porcelain.

This is a review of the types of good building sand and their functions, which we can discuss on this occasion.

Can this be helpful? Please just share it with friends who are building a house, maybe confused in choosing a good type of building sand. So with information like this, friends have friends who are making the house can be helped.

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