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Being able to store data and files in the cloud is pleasant and convenient. But who wants to sign up for yet another subscription in this world not exactly short of subscriptions? More ongoing, monthly costs? Please don’t. If you still want to enjoy the benefits of a cloud, it’s worth taking a look at pCloud, a provider with high-security standards, among other things. On the day of German unification, you can secure various lifetime offers from pCloud – with a volume of up to 10 TB. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The company pCloud does not advertise for anything that it offers Europe’s most secure cloud storage. The security standard of the cloud service is based on Swiss legislation, which is particularly strict about data protection. pCloud accordingly has data centers that are not only located in different places (Texas and Luxembourg), but are also ISO certified and equipped with various early warning systems against fire, water, smoke, and burglary. Especially in times of extreme weather conditions and developments, this fact should not be underestimated. Better yet, all data and files undergo 256-bit AES encryption, they have TLS/SSL channel protection, and they are mirrored multiple times at different locations to ensure nothing gets lost.

So it’s safe to say: your data is safe with pCloud! And brand new, pCloud also offers lifetime plans with up to 10 TB of storage – enough to back up files, data, media, albums, videos, audio files, graphics, pictures, photos, movies, and much more in a quickly accessible way, without you having to buy expensive and fallible hardware and put it in your home.

Fast, simple, flexible
Another criterion that is important for smooth and long-lasting cloud usage is the practicality of the application. What good is the biggest and most secure storage if you have trouble handling it? With pCloud, navigation is laid out in a refreshingly simple way, whether you’re using the service in the browser, as an iOS app, or as a macOS integration. The dashboard is uncluttered and only includes what you really need: A fast-working smart search for files, a file filter, or a separate recycle bin for deleted files are part of the application. You can also find a link sharing or a rewind function, with which you can restore data, in pCloud. You can browse backups or entire hard drives, or use a video and audio player, video streaming, and a photo viewer. This way you won’t lose track of what you need, nor will you spend hours trying to find exactly what you need, on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Share with others
Not everyone in your circle of friends, acquaintances or family needs a pCloud account to benefit from yours. You can easily share files here via a link so that various people of your choice can view and use them. Meanwhile, you will be informed about the traffic of the shared files via reports.

If you just want to make something visible, your pCloud account allows you to create static HTML web pages with a hosting function, in which you can even include images. Convenient!

pCloud also stands for not only regularly adding more features to its cloud service, but also constantly working on more products. For example, the password manager pCloud Pass, which is now available. It has all the features you need to efficiently manage your passwords, bank details, secure notes or other login information. And as typical for pCloud, the password manager also comes with the usual high standards of privacy and security. You can find out more on the pCloud Pass website.

The offer
For the Day of German Unity, pCloud offers you single licenses, i.e. premium lifetime plans, at greatly reduced prices. Until October 5, 2022, you can get a 500 GB Premium Lifetime license for only 125 Euro (instead of 500 Euro!) or a 2 Terabyte Premium Plus Lifetime license for only 245 Euro (instead of 980 Euro!). In both cases, this represents a discount of 75 percent!

If you’re looking for a more secure storage solution, consider the 10 terabyte Custom Lifetime license, which costs only 990 Euros instead of 4,900 Euros, an 80 percent savings. Additionally, the add-on “pCloud Encryption” is currently available for only 99 instead of 125 Euros. This is a client-side password-protected folder that only allows you to access the files stored in it. As with cloud storage, pay once and use it for a lifetime without hidden additional costs.

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